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Digital Communications Evaluation.

I feel that this unit has taught me a lot of valuable skills, not only how to design a website and how to alter the layout, but also important writing skills.

I noticed that the word boundaries set on the work (especially in the question and answer sessions) has helped encourage me to write more, even when I am stuck on what to write about. It has taught me to do more and more research to help boost the word count and by doing that, it taught me more about the topic I was researching.

Doing this unit, and having gone to the Guardian Head Office to find out more about the way journalists work, really opened my eyes on how the media has influenced and changed the way that journalists work now days – less and less people are buying news papers which means less and less money is being earned.

I found the guest speaker who came in the college, Nicholas Hellen an editor from the Sunday Times, also made a good point about how many people now have news apps on their phone so no longer buy news papers or even watch the news. The news is in the palm of their hand, available at the click of a button.

I found the Online Journalism lessons interesting, as I learnt quite a lot from it, on how journalists gain their information for articles, such as going onto Twitter to see what the latest live feeds are, and what the latest news (and pictures) some one tweeted.

Learning how to write articles for the online journalism unit has also been quite useful, as I noticed I needed to adapt my writing skills to suit the article’s writing style and format. I usually put too many commas in my sentences so I have learnt to proof read my work, – even read it out loud – to see if the commas are really necessary. I also learnt how to adapt my articles to suit the requirements of the inverted pyramid and to lessen the amount of words I use so it is easier for the person to read.

The piece of work I found the most challenging was producing a website for my band which I created the album for last term. I found this the most challenging because I was creating a new webpage completely from scratch on my own. However, I feel I learnt quite a lot of skills from it, for instance how to add a poll to my website and how to add multiple pictures to a post. It did take quite a bit of time, but even so I was quite happy with the end result.

I thought to try and make it look even more professional, I would even add a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, along with merchandise, a gallery, tour dates and a contact page.

I think what I found hardest for this task was the fact I had to base all my work on WordPress. I have very little experience using this site – when I have created a website, I have only ever used Wix – so I found it hard to understand how to post pictures and to change the layout. However from doing this task I am definitely interested in trying to learn even more about the website.

By learning more about social media, I noticed how people become more reliant on phone apps to find out the latest news, and how journalists rely on apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to help them create their articles. Although this can be a bad thing, I realised how it has also opened a lot more doors for the writing industry. Phone apps have helped the journalist industry and has created many more opportunities for news to get found quicker and easier, and has helped newspapers connect to their readers a lot more.