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Throughout the past year, Snapchat has been updating itself, allowing people to interact with one another, and the world around them more than ever.

Not only on holidays, e.g. Christmas and Valentines Day do they have special filters to decorate the pictures, but there is also a new news app to allow people to quickly view the latest news on the Daily Mail, Sky News, Cosmopolitan, MTV and many other channels.

There’s also a live Snapchat feed the whole world can view when there’s breaking news or if there’s a special event, for instance when Paris had the shootings, the Sunday afterwards there was a live memorial event at Je Suis Charlie, where people could post pictures of videos of what they could see and were doing at the event.

When new apps like Snapchat and Instagram get released, news papers like the Daily Mail and the Guardian often link their page on the social media sites, but often do not know how they can use the sites to their advantage. These sites could possibly be more important than they realise.

When there is a live Snapchat feed, it could be worth their while looking at all the pictures and videos the public post to see what is happening, what celebrities take part and what peoples thoughts are of the event. This could lead to an interesting news article, especially is the journalist screenshots pictures from the live feed to include in the article. Not only will this article be easy, fun and interesting for the public to relate to, but they would more likely read it for this reason, especially if their pictures feature in it. However it does depend on if the pictures are legally available to be used.

On the official Snapchat website they also explain how you can use the different devices like Discover on their app, along with how you can advertise on it.