What Are Magazine And Newspaper ‘Apps’ And What Effect Do They Have?

Magazine and newspaper apps are now available to people with smart phones to download, so that at the click of a button, they can find out the latest news to see what is happening in the world around them.

This is a new change to the way that people are accessing the news, and the speed at which it is found out. People no longer need to go out to their corner shop and buy a newspaper to see what news was reported yesterday. They do not even need to have access to a TV or a computer, all they need is a charged up phone and wifi. On the BBC app, they even let you save your favourite topics so that it is quicker and easier for people to find out news that may interest them; and not only that, if there is breaking news, or something significant has happened, then they can alert you on you phone, so you can immediately read what has happened.

This could and is having a significant effect of the sales of newspapers and magazines. With there being so many ways for people to view and find out the news for free (depending on the newspaper and magazine website) and the public wanting to access it quicker, the amount of newspaper and magazine sales have gone down, meaning that the journalists and people distributing the papers, are not earning as much money. Newspapers have even had to cut costs. Newsroom staff had to be reduced by 25% between 2001 and 2009 for daily newspapers.




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