Warriors of the Net

When information gets sent for on a computer, the data of this information gets saved, packaged and labelled by an IP before the information gets sent away.

When the information is being saved it needs to have the information of the file type and the senders and receivers addresses so the information knows where to travel to and from. These files also get a proxy server address if it is to go on the Internet. This information then gets directed onto the local area network.

A local area network consists of all the computers, printers and routers that are in that area so that data can be exchanged.

On their journey, the information gets directed to a router which reads the addresses and can move the information onto a different network if need be.

The information then gets led to a router switch, which moves the information quickly and efficiently in the correct direction.

The network interface collects the packets of information and takes them to the proxy which uses the web addresses to put the information on the Internet, unless the web address does not work or does not meet with the security guidelines, then in which case the information is destroyed. This is done to help make it easier for the Internet connection and for security purposes also. The information packages are then faced with the firewall, which is there to prevent viruses getting in, and to prevent information being taken away.
Once the packages have made it through, another router puts them on another road, which leads then to the net. Not all of the information packages make it, as some get destroyed along the way, so if the information is not received in the correct time then the computer sends another information package to go and collect the information.

They are then faced with another firewall, which only lets through the information that meets the criteria. Anything that does not meet the criteria gets destroyed.

The packages are then received, opened and unloaded, ready to be reloaded again with the requested information, which can be delivered back to the person’s interface so their information can be viewed on the Internet.


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