Who Is Tim Berners-Lee?

Scientist Tim Berners-Lee was born on June eighth 1995, and is most well known for being the inventor of the World Wide Web in 1990.

He was born in London and he originally became a software engineer, after studying physics at Oxford University.

It was in 1989 that Berners-Lee got his paper Information Management: A Proposal published. For his paper, he created the World Wide Web, so that people could share information internationally; he also created the first web browser and website: http://info.cern.ch which was activated on August sixth 1991. This website was actually created to help other people understand how to create their own websites and explain to them how to use the World Wide Web.

Since then, Berners-Lee now works as a director at the World Wide Web consortium – a Laboratory of Computer Science, – which he established in 1994. This is held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Berners-Lee is now known as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as he is a Fellow of the Royal Society as of 2001, and H.M. Queen Elizabeth knighted him in 2004. Along with receiving the Order of Merit in 2007, he has also received many international awards.



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