The advantages of using a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, and I definitely have found it more useful, compared to using a Blackberry.

The Blackberry keys were so small, that it did take time to get used to using it; this was the same for using a touchscreen phone, however the buttons on this phone are bigger, which I have found more useful.

It is also much quicker and easier using the device compared to using a keypad and a track pad. I had many problems using the track pad when my hands were cold, compared to the Samsung, as it was either too sensitive and would pick up the heat from the sun, or it would not be sensitive enough during the winter when it was cold.

With the Samsung, there are also loads more apps available compared to Blackberry, along with the fact it has 2 cameras, which make it easier if you want to take photos of yourself, or a big group photo.

The Samsung screen is also a lot bigger compared to a Blackberry screen, and the screen can also rotate which is useful if you want to watch videos.

Blackberry’s can also be temperamental, as it would turn on during the day without me realising, so if I wanted to turn the phone off, I would also have to take the battery out to be sure if was off. This does not happen with a Samsung.



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