Writing for On-line Journalism.

Task One:
This news story has the headline in large bold writing, clear and easy to read and the title allows the reader to understand the importance of the article and what the article is about.
After the title, there is six bullet points stating the main facts of what the article talks about, so that it is easier for the reader to get a quick explanation of what has happened, and it leaves them to decide if it is the kind of news story they want to read further.
The introduction consists of 27 words, and tells the reader what has happened and where it happened.

The title of this article is short and sweet, easy for the reader to understand what is happening.
The introduction contains 29 words, but is easy and clear to understand. It states what is happening, who is involved, why it is now happening and how it is happening.

Task Two:

Identity of Author Alex Abbot is revealed after 40 years of writing.

After 40 years of writing adventure novels, the public is still wondering who the well-known author Alex Abbot is.

Famous films like The Tunnel Leading to No Where and The Never Ending Staircase are all based on books written by the female author from Somerset.

Not even the scriptwriters or actors from her films knew who she was or that she was even a woman.

Today she made a live appearance on the BBC explaining what it was like being a mystery author, why she chose a life of writing and secrecy and how she gained inspiration.

Task Three:
When asking people to read through my work, one comment which was made, was if I swapped the forth paragraph over with the second, it would be informing the reader of the most important news which may interest them the most.

After reading other articles, and looking at the inverted pyramid, another piece of advice I got from Steve was to shorten the paragraphs. Since then I have managed to shorten the article greatly, so if it were to feature in a newspaper, the reader should want to turn to the page to read the whole article.


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