Digital Communications – The on-line revolution in the British Press.

Task One:
Media now days has a massive impact, not only on the public, and a change in our daily lives, along with giving us fast news, but it also has a massive impact on businesses, and changes how they run their jobs.
Technology has been a great help, giving journalists sources to base their next column on, as soon as a story breaks out. However, although the media can be vastly beneficial, they can damage, as much as they can help. This was found when a film and TV programme company Netflix informed their customers that their pricing structure was being changed, their customers got so annoyed, that 82,000 negative comments got posted on the internet, and they lost 800,000 customers in months. Not only did Netflix lose customers though, two-thirds of their market value got lost too. This just goes to show that although media can make businesses, it can also break them.

• Quick information on the latest breaking news for the public to find out first hand.
• Quick and easy to contact friends, family, work and businesses.
• Benefits businesses, providing more advertisement, and to link in with their customers via Facebook, Twitter and with their own website.
• Helps provide journalists with quick news from their boss, or other branches, via email, on information from their next news story.

• As much as it can make businesses, businesses can also be broken from damaging comments, provided by their customers on the Internet.
• Once information is on the Internet, it gets spread quickly, so is hard to be removed, if though of as unethical.
• Do we rely upon the Internet too much? How would we cope, if technology broke at work? It would take longer for journalists to find a new story to write for the news paper due to be released the following day, and it would be harder to contact people.

Task Two: – Cadbury’s Crème Egg outrage and other ‘ruined’ recipes.
I found this article interesting, because of how customers react when food recipes are changed, and how the internet now has much more of an influence on this. For instance, now that the Cadbury’s Crème Egg recipe has slightly changed, where as people back when Twitter or Facebook did not exist, would just avoid the food, as they no longer like it, people now days would leave a comment on the business Facebook or Twitter page at how much they dislike the food. This creates harder work for the business, as not only do they possibly have to revert back to the old recipe (to gain customers back) but they probably lose loads of customers, just because they read the comments, and decide to no longer buy that brand of food, possibly without even trying it!
This story has not been updated. The links of the Related Stories are relevant to the topic of the story you have just read. With this story, you are unable to leave a comment, however you are about to share it across the Internet. With this website, you do not need to pay a subscription to view it. – Paris attacks: ‘I am not Charlie’
I thought I would choose this story, as it is one of the latest most known news, as this has been one of the worse attacks in France for 50 years. There has been a lot of shootings and hostage attacks in Paris recently, and people are often checking the news to see if there have been any updates on the news, and changes in France. This particular story actually has been updated. The links at the end of the story are extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to find out more, as all the links are about different people involved in the story, about the religions involved etc. There is not an opportunity to leave a comment at the end of the story; however, there are links at the end, to share the story. You do not need to pay a subscription to use this website.

Task Three: I would like to use this website regularly, as they post the latest news, extremely quickly, to inform the public of the latest breaking news. I feel this is extremely important, as you never know what could be happening near you, and the risk people could be in. For instance, the shootings and hostage attacks happening in Paris. If someone was going on holiday to Paris, after hearing that, they would likely want to change their mind.

Homework: The social media has improved the rate of journalism, making it easier for journalists to gain information on the latest stories happening in their area of work. Also, with the help of emails, and devices like the mobile phone, and voice recorders, journalism has greatly improved. This has made it quicker and easier for journalists to hear from their boss’s and any companies they are in contact with, when they get some news for a column; also with the help of a voice recorder, it has improved on the efficiency of their work, making it easier to take notes, and to improve on the accuracy of the information taken down for the story.

With social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and with newspaper websites, it has also made it easier for the public to find out the news quicker, especially as people on Twitter and Facebook, share the stories making it spread quicker, to more and more people. Some newspapers even have their own mobile app, so as soon as breaking news reaches the BBC, people get sent a notification to their phone, improving on the efficiency of how they work. It is now probably more rare for people to find out the news in a newspaper, because of the TV, mobile and social media sites. However, due to so much of the work we now do is online, this could lead to us relying upon social media and technology too much.


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