The Difference Between The Internet And The World Wide Web.

The difference between the Internet and the world wide web is that the Internet is a network, which holds the connections over all the computers, linking them all together, to allow them to communicate to one another if they are both connected through cables, or a wireless signal. Compared to this, the web is the digital pages available to be viewed on the Internet.
To browse the web, there are browsers available, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, to gain admittance to the web pages – these are more formally known as web documents – which are hyperlinked to each other. Not only can you look at web documents on the Internet though, but you can also add your own page.
The web has also become greatly useful, with the use if email pages, Facebook and so on; all highly used pages for communication, allowing us to all contact each other no matter how far away we are from one another. Emails are probably most important out of the two, as they are more importantly used for work, and are a vital piece of communication, which is greatly relied upon.
The Internet is also used for communication such as sending a message or transferring a file. The internet has greatly developed, allowing us to get access through it to the web, via our mobiles, tablets and laptops, through wireless communication, where as, you could originally only gain access to it through a computer, linked up by wires, to the Internet.


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